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Metazen Music NFTs

Our Lead Artist

Meredith Marsone is a professional artist from New Zealand who has an extensive international exhibition history. Establishing herself as a contemporary figurative painter with a unique and distinctive style Marsone’s work is held in numerous private and notable collections.

She is the co-founder of the Metazens Generative NFT Project.

Her work has also won several awards including First Prize in The Lysaght Watt are Award 2015, Merit Award Painting and Printmaking Award and selected finalist on four occasions for The Adam Portrait Award.

Marsone’s recent solo shows were held in Sydney 2016, Los Angeles 2017, The Millennium Public Art Gallery, NZ 2018 and her work has been exhibited widely in group shows all over the world.

Endless Creative Possibilities

You can commission Meredith (or our other artists in future) to create a unique Metazen for you. We will work closely with you and provide a variety of add-on services and support to help you introduce your new 1/1 Metazen NFT to your community, fans and audience.

Our focus is on collabs with musicians.

The Metazen library of layers, accessories, traits and backgrounds is always growing and available to you to apply to your custom Metazen.

Musicians can offer Metazen Music NFTs to their audience. We will create unique audiovisual NFTs with your creative input and assist with minting strategies.

DJ Murkury

DJ Murkury worked with our team to create the official exclusive theme song for the Metazens Generative NFT Collection.

Murkury sits at the conflux of psychedelic bass and deep dubstep. Alec Seifart is one of the founders of The Undergrowth in Asheville, North Carolina, a collective whose members relentlessly push each other to create and grow as performers and artists.

Murkury has been responsible for a number of legendary shows and legendary sets of his own as a staple of the southeast and mid-Atlantic festival scene, whose influence is now beginning to spread.

The track Murkury produced for the Metazens NFT Project is used in our Metazens Lore promo video and segments of the track will be used for a super rare group of Metazens called Audiozens.

Interested in working with Murkury for your project? Let us know and we can assist with setting up a meeting to discuss details.

Concierge Team

Our team will provide quality service to make the collab experience enjoyable and efficient. We can assist with marketing, community & development with you and your team.


We are looking for someone to join the team to help with onboarding musicians and artists. If you are familiar with the web3/NFT and/or the Music Industry, please reach out to us to learn more about this opportunity.

Michael Sullivan

Michael is a Creative Technologist with a variety of skills to make a collaboration with you a success. He will help with the vision, strategy and implementation of your Metazen NFT.

Contact us to get started

If you are interested in a Music NFT Collab and are prepared to submit all of the details now, please use the Music Collab Form.

Want to join our team as a digital artist and/or musician? Let's talk!

We look forward to talking with you!

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Murkury produced the project theme track - "Metazens - Citizens of the Metaverse" which will be available as a 1 of 1 Music NFT and used for 35 super rare audiozen NFTs.

The track is used in our Metazens Lore video too!